Hose Assembly & Conveyor Belting Services

Hose Assembly Services

Certified Hose Assemblies

  • Hydraulic hose fabricators fully trained at Fluid Conveyance Product School
  • Trained & certified industrial hose fabricators
  • Hose pressure testing available per order requirements
  • Electrical continuity testing per requirements
  • Batch/Lot traceability maintained on chemical and process hose and fittings
  • On-site hose pressure testing and re-certification services available locally

NAHAD Listed Fabricator Program Member for:

  • Hydraulic Hose Listed Fabricator
  • Industrial Hose Listed Fabricator
  • Fluoropolymer Hose Listed Fabricator

Aeroquip Express Hose Center

  • Custom hydraulic hose assemblies while you wait

Conveyor Belting Services

  • On-site belt vulcanization capabilities
  • In-plant belt surveys
  • Hold for release inventory service for critical process line applications
  • Belt slitting capabilities from two service centers
  • On-site belt installation
  • Extensive in house inventory and variety of roll/slab belt
  • Industrial sewing services
  • Recover rollers and lagging pulleys
  • Complete capability for custom belt fabrications: Belt lacing, belt vulcanizing, perforating, belt v-guide installation, belt sidewall installation and belt cleat installation

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